The application process when applying to college can appear somewhat daunting! Don’t worry, the most important things have already been taken care of. Now is the time to show your schools of choice who you are and show off what you have been working so hard on for the past four years. There are generally four things that college applications consist of, and breaking it down into manageable pieces is the key to excelling in each aspect.

  1. Basic personal information
  2. Resume
  3. Transcripts
  4. Personal Statement

The basic personal information section should take some time, but luckily for you, the answers will be very easy! This section will include information about yourself; things like address, birth date, GPA, admissions exam scores, etc. Most applications have a very simple online portal to complete this section in. You can fill it out in sections when you have time and pause for a break whenever you need to. The most important thing here is to be as accurate with your information as possible.

The resume is often included in the personal information section, and here is where you will likely have the opportunity to highlight some of your personal achievements. Be sure to talk about high-level classes you did well in, volunteer or service experience, extracurriculars, and awards. Colleges are looking for students who are well-rounded, intelligent, and adaptable. They want to see how you’ve challenged yourself and how you achieve success.

Transcripts are official documents which provide evidence of your GPA and which courses were taken in high-school. Often, schools will send these for you. Additionally, the ACT and SAT can send your scores directly to the college you are applying to.

Finally, the personal statement. This is where you will have the most freedom and opportunity to show who you are and what kind of asset you would be to your college of choice. Be sure to show a sincere interest in the school and express why you have chosen to apply to that particular location. Try to focus on what makes you stand out from other students in a positive way. The most important thing here is to be yourself. Be memorable, positive, and uniquely you and you are sure to succeed!

If you ever have any questions or complications with your college application, be sure to meet with your high school guidance counselor. Good luck!


September, 13, 2023 | Planning & Preparing for College: the stress-free guide | Part Six