There are thousands of different options for higher education here in the United States, so it is critically important to research your options and narrow down which ones will truly work best for you.

The first step would be to write down a list of considerations that are important to you in order of priority. Here are some factors to choose from:


-Type of campus

-Athletics and extracurricular options

-Financial aid availability

-Location and distance from home

-Cost of tuition and fees

-Cost of living

-Housing options

-Class size

-Majors and minors offered

-Campus life

-Academic support & career services

-Internship opportunities




Your next step would be to write down a list of colleges you are thinking of attending. Don’t be afraid to add in lots of different options, you might be surprised which ones end up being the best fit for you. Let’s say your highest priority consideration was location. You could do a search for all colleges that fit your desired location requirements and add them to your list.

Try to get a feel for what each campus environment is like in terms of safety and support. Look into housing options. Will it be easy to find affordable housing? What is the average cost of living in this area? 

Find out if they offer your desired major or one that will fit your ideal career path. See if they have a high success rate of graduates finding jobs or internships. Is a school’s status important to you? What kind of financial aid can they offer you?

The more thorough you are in your research, the more likely you will find a college that best suits your needs. Ask a lot of questions, and don’t be afraid to reach out to others for more information. Many college websites have options for potential students to contact them. Campus visits are also a great idea to get a better feel for campus life. 

Ultimately, making this decision requires you to solidify what you really want out of the higher education experience. Luckily for you, the decision to attend college has already been made! You are one step closer to achieving your goals. Happy researching!


August 17, 2023 | Part Two | Planning & Applying for College: the stress-free guide